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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2005|10:39 am]
[i am feeling like |blanknobody]
[listen to |toots and the maytals]

why isn't mr. bush on trial for murdering tens of thousands of iraqi civilians, not to mention a few thousand americans? why doesn't he send his precious daughters over to die for this incredibly "noble" cause? who the hell does he think he is, trying to push "intellegent design" into biology classes nation wide? how can he permit discarded embryos to simply rot away and not allow them to be experimented with to possibly find a cure for cancer? the same way he sends our hopefilled children over to die for a pointless cause, without batting an eyelash. why doesn't anyone stop him from spreading his conservative reign over the judicial branch? he's creating a government in which nobody opposes him, although, i doubt democrats have anything better to do than stand quiet. he over rode the senate to appoint john bolton as the UN ambassador. his approval is failing, 51% say they don't agree with him anymore, the people have had enough of his administration.

we need a revolution
we need to stand together
we need to get organized
we need a revolutionary leader, not another rich politician
we need Rev. Martin Luther King Jr
we need John Lennon
we need Robert Zimmerman to become what he once was
we need Abbie Hoffman

damn, maybe Abbie was right,
maybe they have gotten too powerful..
never believe it
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