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it's only rock n roll [Aug. 27th, 2005|01:27 am]
[i am feeling like |calm.]
[listen to |the stones are still in my head]

the rolling stones are rock n roll in it's purest form. simply amazing. by far the best show i've ever seen. now i know why it cost so goddamn much, their use of stage effects are awesome. during "miss you," part of the stage detached itself and traveled straight through the crowd with them still playing on it, it was wild. then a huge balloon tongue rolled out of what was left of the larger stage, it was painted with flowers all over it. they covered bob marley's "stand up for your rights," which was surprising but just as equally awesome. sheriff's department was there, and they were very angry at a few people for no reason, shouting at them to sit down, but what can you do? every cop is a criminal. which brings me to my next statement: "sympathy for the devil" is the best song you can hear live. all the lights are dark red, fire shooting from the top of the stage, and smoke drifting over the stadium. it was kind of haunting, especially during that song. you were just waiting to see the hell's angels murder a man up front, but then you realign yourself with time as the screen shows a pattern vaguely resembling a face of lucifer fifty feet tall. it doesn't beat mick's demonic tats at the circus in 68 though. but i loved it all, a truly magnificent show! and as always, the music was incredible too. wish i could have seen them in the sixties...